A few words about our company

A few words about our company.
The ALUTRAST company – manufacturer of aluminium fixtures

Thanks to our flexibility, extensive experience and optimization of the manufacturing process we are able to offer competitive prices for our products.

Each query is treated individually and the price is adjusted to client’s specific needs.

We are ready to answer your questions.

Last year, thanks to an EU subsidy, we have extended our machine park with cutting edge devices, extra efficient and eco-innovative.

The double-miter saw, thanks to precise cutting, nearly eliminates residues, which also translates into its attractive price.

The double-miter saw is totally environment-friendly and does not contribute to its pollution. NO harmful chemical compounds, dioxides or oxides, are produced while cutting the profiles. Shavings produced during the operations of the machine are accumulated in residue separator and then sent for recycling.

In our modern CNC Processing Center, cutting edge and super-economical electric engines have been applied. In this way, the machine consumes a little energy.

Thanks to closed working space and the cooling module, the emission of harmful volatile compounds to the atmosphere is limited.

Depending on the client’s individual needs and preferences, we use a wide color palette. Upon customized order we can manufacture each structure in any chosen RAL color.

Ślusarka aluminiowa
Systemy fasadowe


We offer comprehensive services for your project: design, measurement, transport and installation of ready-made products.

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It is worth to choose Alutrast:

Professionalism 100%
Satisfied Clients 100%
nvironmentally-Friendly Company 100%

Our qualified staff provides the assistance in totally unrestricted choice of fixture elements ordered. We offer high quality products and services at competitive prices.


We can ensure fast performance of even the most customized orders.


In our activity we aim at maximum satisfaction of our clients.

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Product range

In order to meet market needs, our offer includes:

  • Facade structures
  • Glazed surfaces
  • Internal and external doors
  • Tilt, turn and tilt-turn windows
  • Windows with a hidden sash
  • Windows opening to the outside
  • Sliding doors
  • Vestibules
  • Balcony structures
  • And many other structures upon individual order.