HS sliding doors

A perfect solution adding unique character to the interiors


HS Białystok sliding doors

Alutrast is the manufacturer of lift and slide HS balcony doors. In our showroom in Białystok we offer a large choice of lift and slide doors manufactured with passion and in the highest standard, adjusted to the client’s diversified needs.


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Uw thermal insulation
E1200 class
Water tightness
class 4
Air tightness
class 9A
Wind tightness

Advantages of HS sliding doors

The application of extensive glazing ensures perfect access of light to the interior. Apart from a great look, we obtain the guarantee of the best functionality and convenient use. Thanks to the application of technologically advanced profile by Polish company Aluprof together with the hardware system we can be sure that the structure is stable, thermally insulated, tight and easy to use. We also offer the option of corner doors with a movable mullion. To meet the highest expectations we offer automated and remotely controlled doors.

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Installation of HS lift and slide doors

The installation of HS-type doors does not differ much from mounting different types of windows. It is, however, necessary to pay attention to several important aspects differentiating them from standard solutions:

  • It is very important to support the threshold appropriately, as unstable HS doors are not only defective, but also very dangerous. This installation stage requires particular attention. It is also necessary to remember that the adjustment possibility of HS doors is very limited and any further corrections are very hard to perform.
  • Another element ensuring appropriate support for the threshold consists in system extension. During the installation of HS terrace doors it is necessary to level them appropriately in order to secure them from interior flooring.
  • Another option for system extensions consists in applying foundations from the insulation material. They constitute the support for appropriate threshold prop. The foundations serve as heat insulation, protect against moisture and wind and are very durable.
  • Another element to be taken into consideration is the transport of HS terrace doors. Their growing dimensions require special machines for their precise and secure transport and mounting. Manipulators, efficient suction cups or mini-cranes are the best option.

Wide range of applications of HS sliding doors

Manufacturer of HS sliding doors + installation

Thanks to the application of HS sliding doors we have the possibility to let more light inside our space, which enlarges it visually. The application of the latest technology makes it possible to manufacture the door which is durable, resistant and energy-saving. Lift and slide HS doors are easy and convenient to use. And it is all thanks to the lifting system incorporated in the threshold.

HS sliding doors are a perfect solution for arranging a terrace. Their large dimensions are appropriate for glazed terraces and balconies, adding them a unique look.

Lift and slide HS doors come in a broad range of stylistic solutions. The client can choose from three types of glazing beads and many color options, which makes our product perfect for classic modern-design buildings and timber houses.

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