Aluminium doors

Modern comprehensive solutions
ALUTRAST products

At Alutrast we make it possible to construct both windows and doors with the required utility features and look. We offer basic door models without thermal insulation properties such as AD 17, AD 18 or similar. These structures are dedicated to serve as doors in exterior walls, but also in interior partition walls or balcony glazing structures. It is necessary to know that a wide range of products have the HI marking, i.e. special interior structure for even higher reduction of thermal conductivity.


Innovative door solutions

Cutting edge solutions have been applied in our interior doors, which place them among the leaders in energy saving. It is worth to mention that in such door models as AD17 up to AD27 modern material technologies have been applied, not to be found anywhere else. Thanks to them the doors preserve their thermal insulation properties and are at the same time relatively light. They may also constitute effective anti-burglary protection. It is all complemented by their very attractive outline and finishing.

While choosing door models it is worth to consider their opening method carefully. Our product range includes Privot aluminium revolving doors opening outwards and constructed with customized surfaces in mind. Modern façades often require the application of tailor-made and non-standard solutions and the Alutrast brand is able to manufacture all models of aluminium doors.


What else does our product range include? Apart from doors, these are also windows with much higher sound and thermal resistance. Available options:

  • aluminium windows with a hidden sash in two versions, the basic one, for example MB-86US, MB-70US, or the version with narrow frame, such as MB-70SG
  • Industrial windows for modernized historical facilities,
  • narrow-profile aluminium windows in characteristic customized shapes.


At Alutrast, we can construct not only the doors with thermal insulation option, but also those with enhanced mechanical protection. Alutrast anti-theft doors are both strong and durable, and relatively light at the same time in order to make their use convenient. They can resist prolonged force impact on their structure. The offer of doors with the presented parameters is dynamic and makes it possible to choose the model adjusted to user’s customized applications.