Facade systems

Modern comprehensive solutions
Products of the ALUTRAST company

Aluminium systems are a perfect solution for the construction of modern façades. Thanks to its properties and unrestricted shaping possibilities, aluminium is an appropriate material for the structures of glazed façades in public utility facilities. We can enumerate here for example roof structures of banks, hotels or office buildings. Large glazed surfaces make it possible to let a lot of light inside the building, thus ensuring more comfort to those who stay inside. With the use of aluminium, it is possible to shape the architecture freely and create modern façades with post and beam structures. But the range of Alutrast solutions is much broader.

Glazed surfaces

Vast glazed surfaces result in important heat loss, which is acceptable with appropriate façades. With that in mind, the MB-TT 50 system has been created. It is a completely new structure in aluminium mullion façades. Thanks to the new structure, thicker aluminium profiles together with additional accessories, it perfectly matches the needs of energy-saving and passive construction industry.

The MB-SR50N mullion and transom walling system may serve as an example here. It perfectly complies with the requirements of energy saving, as it is the case for MB-SR50N HI and MB-SR50N HI+ systems. It has been developed basing on the highest energy saving standards and what is more, its variants from the MB-SR50N PL or MB-SR50N EFEKT lines enable the construction of both horizontal and vertical façades.

Opening of façade systems

When it comes to the way of opening of MB-SR50N systems, the basic system is here the MB-SR50N OW tilt-slide structure, windows integrated with the surface of the MB-SR50N IW façade and roof windows MB-SR50N RW that are opened in the way commonly applied in households. What is more, the MB-SR50N mullion and transom system also constitutes the base for fire protection structures MB-SR50N EI. Each roof structure manufactured basing on this system may also have its fully functional fireproof counterpart. For the performance of roof structures with the use of MB-SR50N or MB-TT50 mullion and transom systems, roof windows with high thermal insulation class can also be constructed.

It is necessary to mention that the abovementioned façade structures cease to constitute the exclusive domain of public utility facilities and can more and more often be encountered in private buildings and households. They are not only useful in such fields as thermal insulation, but are admired for their look.