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Alutrast aluminium window systems are applied not only in the housing industry, but also as showcases in offices, shops etc. They are commonly applied in many ways, serving as windows, doors and display surfaces at the same time. Depending on their application, numerous models are available, with their structures perfectly matching the intended use. We offer the systems with the thickness and properties that fully comply with the requirements of even the most demanding clients.


Aluminium-based showcases – models

Let us present a few most popular models for industrial applications:

  • MB-104 PASSIVE characterized by perfect thermal and sound insulation properties,
  • the system of window and door showcases with such application, represented by the MB-45 model,
  • MB-59HS double showcase ensuring efficient thermal and sound protection,
  • MB-86 showcases based on narrow aluminium profiles
  • MB-SLIDE and MB-SLIDE ST sliding systems.


Aluminium systems – opening options

The presented models have different opening systems. MB-40 PASSIVE and MB-45 are opened in a usual way with the installed hinges, similarly to narrow MB-FERROLINE models. Glazed surfaces from the MB-SLIDE and MB-SLIDE ST systems are equipped with the slide opening option. Such tilting options as MB-60 or MB-70 are also worth the attention. The way in which they are opened importantly facilitates their internal manipulation and the installation of such required accessories as advertising posters, photos etc.


What are the factors differentiating Alutrast showcases from its competitors?

The Alutrast brand offers aluminium-based window and door showcases with unique properties. All our products are performed from highest quality materials with stable features irrespective of weather conditions. Depending on specific requirements it is possible to choose the solutions with appropriate soundproofing properties and protection against heat loss. Their final shape depends on the type and look of materials applied for their manufacturing. What is more, Alutrast joinery are performed in a way enabling the installation of a new structure without the necessity to demount previous frames, which takes place during the adaptation of old and historical buildings.

This is why our brand enjoys so much popularity and has interesting utility features. It is thanks to its adjustment options for classic as well as modern buildings.