Modern comprehensive solutions
ALUTRAST products

Aluprof aluminium systems enable the construction of windows and doors of various types depending on the scope of their application and detailed requirements in the field of their functionality, aesthetics, thermal insulation, resistance to burglary, smoke protection or fire resistance. They include among others aluminium structures without thermal insulation for constructing internal partitions and doors (MB-45, MB-45 Office, MB-EXPO, MB-80 Office) or the glazing for balconies (the MB-23P systems) as well as solutions based on thermally insulated profiles (MB-104 Passive, MB-86, MB-60, MB-70, MB-59S). Most thermally insulated systems are available in the “HI” version characterized by special inserts in their sections reducing heat conductivity coefficient.

The MB-104 Passive system has the highest level of thermal insulation within the product range, based on innovative material and technical solutions. It is one of the main Aluprof products suggested for energy saving and passive buildings, awarded with the certificate of PHI Darmstadt Passive Houses Institute.

An interesting option in the field of window and door systems is represented by aluminium panel doors available in the systems with the highest level of thermal insulation. Aluminium profiles for doors and windows are Aluprof’s leading products and for this reason their range is very rich.

Aluprof systems offer not only aluminium structures with the most popular opening types: turn or tilt, but also revolving “Pivot” windows, outward opening windows (e.g. MB-59S Casement, MB-70 Casement, MB-86 Casement), aluminium windows dedicated for specific façade solutions such as MB-60EF as well as lift and slide aluminium terrace doors MB-77HS, MB-95HS, MB-59 Slide sliding windows and doors, MB-59 Slide Galandage, MB-Slide/MB-Slide ST as well as folding doors and MB-86 Fold Line, described in details in the Sliding and Folding Systems tab.

Offer of the manufacturer of ALUPROF aluminium fixtures also includes

  • “Industrial” windows dedicated for modernized historical buildings,
  • aluminium windows with a hidden sash in the basic version MB-86US, MB-70US, MB-60US and the version with narrow frame, MB-70SG,
  • windows with narrow aluminium profiles and in characteristic shapes: MB-Ferroline and MB-Slimline.

Basing on many different Aluprof systems it is also possible to perform anti-theft structures in classes RC1 to RC4 as well as windows with smoke ventilation. For those who would like to combine appropriate technical parameters with attractive price we have developed the entire range of such economical solutions as MB-45S, MB-59SE and MB-60E.

Among window and door systems there are also special smoke-resistant fire partitions, available within the following systems: MB-78EI with fire resistance in the classes EI15 to EI90, energy-saving fire protection windows MB-86EI, MB-60E EI system with fire resistance in classes EI15 to EI30, the system of automatic sliding doors MB-78EI DPA with fire resistance in classes EI15 to EI30 as well as the MB-118EI system in the EI120 class. This group is complemented by smoke-resistant doors without fire resistance properties: MB-45D.

The broad range of Aluprof aluminium profiles is regularly extended in order to match the requirements of modern architecture and comply with stricter standards and regulations.